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Sebastian Rinnebach

Founder & CEO

Message from the Founder

Why 59

Throughout my career as a composer and producer of film music, I experienced the impact of music and sound on emotions. However, when I faced a personal health crisis and encountered severe anxiety due to stress-induced hearing loss in my right ear, I discovered the transformative power of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Biofeedback in stress management.

Inspired by the profound impact HRV Biofeedback had on my well-being, I set out on a journey to fuse my backgrounds in music and technology, aiming to help others.

As a result, 59 Breaths was born—an app that combines personalized, music-driven breathing exercises with real-time biofeedback tracking, initially catering for iPhone and Apple Watch users.

Through 59 Breaths, our mission is to provide effective and innovative solutions to improve mental fitness, reduce anxiety, enhance focus, and promote better sleep. By offering science-driven tools and techniques, we empower individuals to cultivate resilience and peace of mind in an increasingly demanding world.


Stress and anxiety are part and parcel of life in today's fast-paced world. That's where our extraordinary team of technologists, designers, doctors and musicians step in, developing 59 Breaths to help you better cope with life's challenges.


Our app, designed specifically for iPhone and Apple Watch users for now, combines the latest research, expert insights, and the unique power of music. It provides a one-of-a-kind experience that helps you train your nervous system, boost your mood, increase focus, and build resilience by helping you forming a daily breathing habit of 59 breaths.

While we're proud of what we have achieved on Apple devices, we are hard at work expanding our offerings to be more inclusive and accessible to everyone.


We believe in making mental fitness accessible to all.


That's why we give half of our profits to support mental fitness research and initiatives that promote mental well-being.


On top of that, we provide financial assistance to those who can’t afford a subscription, giving them access to our comprehensive 8-week course and premium features.


We dream of a world where mental fitness is taken just as seriously as physical fitness, the stigma around mental health is eliminated, and everyone has access to tools that nurture resilience and mental wellness, irrespective of their background or device preference.


As we're expanding our offerings, we're also creating a global community of users who inspire, motivate, and support one another on this journey toward better mental health.

Embark with us on the quest to revolutionize mental fitness and unlock the boundless potential of the human mind—one breath at a time.




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