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The Effects of Chronic Stress on the Bod

Common Questions and Answers related to the product

What is the 59 app?

How does the 59 app work?

Why do we recommend 59 breaths for our breathing exercises, which typically takes around 10 minutes to complete?

What makes the 59 app different from other breathing exercise apps?

How often should I use the 59 app?

How does the app help me control my stress in the moment?

What are the key metrics tracked by the 59 app?

Is the 59 app available on both iOS and Android devices?

How can I update my personalized breathing tempo in the app?

How does the 59 app support mental fitness efforts and research?

Is the 59 app free to use?

How does the heart rate monitoring feature work?

What can I expect from the 8-week course?

How do I get started with the 59 app?

Can I use the 59 app without an internet connection?

Is the 59 app suitable for beginners?

Can I use the 59 app without an Apple Watch?

Can I share my progress with friends or family?

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