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Improve Focus, Performance, and Sleep with 59 Breaths

The Ultimate Workout for Your Nervous System

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Discover the Science-backed Method Proven to be More Effective than Meditation

Control Stress and Boost Your Mood in Just Minutes a Day
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Enhance focus, performance, and sleep quality

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Alleviate anxiety and depressive symptoms


Elevate mood and overall well-being

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Personalized exercises for the biggest effect in the shortest amount of time

Customized breathing techniques tailored to your needs

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Real-time Biofeedback and Progress Tracking

Stay informed about your progress and improvements

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Commitment to Mental Health Advocacy

50% of profits donated to support mental health initiatives

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Recent Stanford study shows surprising results

A recent study by our advisor Dr. David Spiegel and his colleague Dr. Andrew Huberman found that daily breathing exercises can:

  • Significantly improve mood and reduce anxiety

  • Decrease physiological arousal, including respiratory rate

  • Outperform meditation and other breathwork techniques in stress management

Read the Study

Sarah, satisfied customer

“59 Breaths has changed my life! I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my focus and sleep since I started.” 

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