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Stress and Reproductive Health

The effects of Chronic Stress on Focus and Cognitive Performance:

It’s just one of those days, you can’t focus, your mind keeps wandering, thinking of the waiter that was rude to you last night, your boss that keeps riding you about a deadline, and worrying about the bills that are due next week. You can’t remember if you are supposed to pick up the kids today, and check the family calendar; the list of tasks are overwhelming. How are you possibly going to get through this day, let alone the week?

Come to think of it, this isn’t just happening today, it seems like it’s been months, or even longer since you’ve been able to think clearly. It used to be so easy to focus, you would just get your cup of coffee and get to work. When did things change?

The stress of life affects us all. It can make it hard to focus, hard to think, and hard to reach our goals. Fortunately, there are proven tools to help us manage day to day stress so we can live our lives more fully, regain our focus and accomplish our goals.

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The effects of Chronic Stress on Focus and Cognitive Performance

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