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The Waves of Stress: A New Way to Think About and Manage Stress

Discover the key to navigating life's changing tides of stress and reclaiming control over your well-being. Understand the surprising truth that stress is a natural part of life and learn how to transform it from a relentless strain into a manageable response. Don't let chronic stress consume you - find out how to master your stress and safeguard your mental and physical health.
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The Effects of Chronic Stress on the Body

While a certain amount of stress can be helpful in contributing to motivation and productivity, most of us realize that excessive amounts of stress, especially over long periods of time, can have negative effects on our health. Have you ever wondered if a given health condition may be worsened by stress?
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Optimal HRV Values

You may be wondering what values you should be aiming for when measuring your HRV. This is a really common question with a complicated answer. There are several variables that affect heart rate variability (or HRV for short). Age, gender, physical fitness level, certain health conditions and medications are just some of the variables that can have an effect. We will go through each of these variables and their potential effects on HRV, and also look at some general trends in HRV norms.
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Solutions to Chronic Stress

Before we talk about solutions to help manage chronic stress, we must first identify if stress is even a problem. The effects of chronic stress on multiple health conditions is often under-recognized and under appreciated. If you haven't already, take a look at our blog on The Effects of Chronic Stress on our Body (link to this blog) and it will become apparent that most of us are feeling the effects stress on our health even if we haven't made the connection.
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Stress: A Deeper Dive

The word “stress” can conjure up images and feelings for each of us that vary immensely. We may associate stress with emotionally draining life events, but can also experience stress in day to day life when standing in line, waiting in traffic, or simply trying to get through our work day.
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